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Witness: Chelsea
Location: Bradenton, Florida
Date of Encounter: September 2010 – Present

My encounters began in September 2010 when I moved back into my mother’s house after being gone for two years. Before this time I never even thought of ghosts or spirits, let alone seen or experienced them. I will say that in the two years I was gone I kind of went on a little “adventure.” I stayed in many different places with all kinds of different people so who knows — maybe something followed me home or I was exposed at some point.

The first weird thing was my dog. One of them would get jolted from his sleep and then stare intently into blank space and start growling or barking. And he had this thing with the closet in the hall. All of a sudden, he’d run over to it and start growling and scratching at it, like something was in there that he didn’t like. I checked everytime to see if maybe a mouse or a bug or something was in there.

So after about a month and a half of this I finally said aloud, “Whoever is in the closet, you can come out. You don’t have to hide we won’t hurt you. We are nice people.” The dog never barked or growled at the closet again after that.

Another thing the dog would do was start running up and down the stairs like he would if chasing the cat, tail wagging and barking, except it wasn’t the cat. And then he’d go upstairs and chase this thing for like five or ten minutes.

I have another dog who sometimes stares at the first landing of the stairs and growls and puts her hackle up. So you know, it’s not just like the other dog is wacko because they’re both reacting to something.

Also, one time I was changing in my room and the door was closed but not all the way, and as soon as I was completely undressed the door slowly opened just a sliver, enough for someone to slide in, and then closed again. This happened when the air-conditioning was on so there were no crosswinds, drafts, or ceiling fansrunning. The air-conditioning does not blow hard enough from the tiny vent in the ceiling to push a door open then shut again.

Now I will just say I am a very heavy sleeper and nothing wakes me normally. I’ve never had a problem sleeping in this house. But ever since I moved back in my sleep is terrible. I am constantly being jolted awake all night long — every hour and at the same time every night. Sometimes I wake up and I have such an intense feeling of being watched that I think someone has broken in and is standing over me about to attack me. I can’t open my eyes because I’m so terrified of what I will see. Then I finally open them and nothing is there. But I still have this feeling that someone is right there. It’s almost like I can feel the energy buzzing, like when you first turn a TV on how you can hear the buzz it just sounds different. Or like when someone walks up behind you but doesn’t say anything but you can feel it.

So finally one night I get woken up and I open my eyes to see a very tall, dark, glowing figure leaning over the side of my bed staring at me. There were no facial features or distinct human features at all. Just the outline and shape of a tall person but I got the sense it was a male. He was glowing and swirling with very earthy, dark shades of colors like black, brown, green, yellow, orange, amber, and red. I just remember he was mostly amber and blackish brown. It scared me so much so I just closed my eyes and turned away. Then when I looked again he was gone. I didn’t feel threatened and he didn’t try to touch me or anything.

But there have been seperate occasions where it feels like someone is tickling my feet when they stick out of the covers and occasionally the feeling of being touched will move up my leg. Like someone is rubbing my feet and legs almost like a massage except it gives me chills and goosebumps at the same time. The other incident of seeing took place at night while sleeping as well. Once again I was jolted awake and at the same moment I woke up, my dog who was in the bed with me woke and sat up also. She, the dog, is looking straight into my eyes. Then her gaze slowly goes straight up above my head, then to the left above me, then to the right above me, and then around the room. This scares the heck out of me. So I look up towards the ceiling and I see a white mist. It’s moving from one corner of the ceiling to the next, going around the perimeter of my room as if on guard or something. It just keeps swiftly moving in straight lines from one corner to the next. I kept watching it until it slowly faded away after about two minutes of circling the room.

I wasn’t threatened at all just a little frightened so I went back to sleep as did my dog.

The last and most recent incident was a dream. It took place after spending the night at my dad and stepmom’s house. While staying in their spare room, I witnessed a shadow move across the wall and go into the corner. Now their house is a whole different story I won’t go into right now. But many people have had experiences there. So whether or not this dream was connected to whatever I saw over there I don’t know but it happened while sleeping at my mother’s house in my bedroom.

It was an extremely lucid dream and the feelings were absolutely real. The dream took place at my dad and stepmom’s house. My parents and I were sitting around the table with some old people I’ve never seen before and I was telling everybody about “the shadow” from the previous night. So everyone walks back to the bedroom where I saw it to see if they could feel or pick up any energy. They also take my tarot cards with them to the bedroom. As soon as everyone returns to the kitchen to discuss it, I see a white smoke/mist forming. This turns into a head of a man and then forms into a full bodied apparition of a tall man holding a guitar. He looked holographic but so real at the same time. And his eyes were completely black which scared me.

I went up to him to get a better look but he got angry and the closer I got the dizzier I felt. I couldn’t breath and was so dizzy I became disoriented and couln’t tell up from down. I felt powerless. I pulled away. He waited a moment then came back even stronger until I felt as if he would suck the life and energy right out of me and kill me. He was also stealing energy from everyone else in the room at the same time but they didn’t realize what was going on. In fact I think I was the only one to see him. So right when I thought I would suffocate I woke up and could hardly breathe. I sat up in bed for about ten minutes trying to catch my breath.

I wholeheartedly believe this was a real spirit trying to communicate with me through a dream. I don’t know if he was threatening me or trying to bully me or if I was just enlightened as to what is really going on. Maybe he’s stealing everyone’s energy and we need to get rid of him. Or he wants to appear more powerful than he really is. I don’t know but since having the dream I’ve felt mildly depressed and tired. So I’m not sure if all of this is connected in some way or if the dream and the events in my house are different spirits. But ever since this all started I’ve been doing a lot of research on the paranormal and all things metaphysical and really getting in touch with my spiritual side. Maybe it’s all a calling for me and I’m developing some sort of psychic gift. Who knows, but it’s very strange. One thing I’ve learned is the more fear you have the more power they have, so I’m staying strong and waiting for the next encounter!

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