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Witness: Brittney
Location: Trumbull, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: April 1998

I could tell a million haunted stories about the house I grew up in. The famous supernatural investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren even came to our house, and in their words, "Your house is loaded!" But I will brief you on a time when the entities in my house hated my boyfriend at the time. We experienced all the "normal" haunting things that happened often: banging, slamming, things disappearing, shadows swooshing by, faces in the windows, etc. But these ghosts had a real attachment to me. My boyfriend at the time, John, slept over every night. On this particular night his father needed him to sleep at his house because he was having car trouble and needed a ride early in the morning. John was a real sweetie pie, and was giving me a back rub in my bed to help me to fall asleep before he left. We kissed goodbye, as I lay in bed, he left, closing my bedroom door. My bed was set with the headboard against the same wall as the door. I was laying in bed facing away from the door. He was gone only a minute when my bedroom door opened. Earlier I had asked him to please stay over and leave early in the morning to get his father. I figured he decided to stay, I felt him getting into bed with me, the bed sinking, a warm body against me, he put an arm around me and his leg over my leg… just like the way we always cuddled. Then he nestled his head in my neck and moaned like, "ooh… aahhhhh," but it wasn't his voice! I knew it wasn't him, and I froze. I didn't move for what seemed like a year. I was terrified. Eventually I slowly turned over and saw nothing. I bolted up once I got the nerve and ran upstairs to my sister's room screaming like a lunatic. 

I had told John about what happened and we spent that week sleeping at his place. The next week my Great Aunt passed away and my mother was leaving me to take care of my Great Aunt's house and the settle her estate in Florida. I didn't have my license yet, but she wanted me to hold onto her car keys so my sister wouldn't use it. I was instructed not to use it as well. The first night my mother was away, my sister had some friends upstairs in her bedroom and I was downstairs with John. We got the stupid idea to use my mothers old Ouija board. We sat on the pull-out bed in the living room and I spoke, "is there anyone here?" I repeated this a few times, knowing there was "someone" who wanted to speak. For some reason it wasn't speaking though. I said, "Okay, I will smoke a cigarette, and when I come back maybe you will be ready." When we both put our hands back on the board, I felt pure evil. Immediately we took our hands off of the board, I cleared it, held my cross to it, blessed it, and quickly put it away. The second I put it away, the floor below us, all the pipes in the basement and the ceiling above us — everything was just slamming, banging, and clanking to the point we felt the pull-out bed shaking. There was no one in the basement and my sister was upstairs… but not in the room above us. No one could be in that room as it was under construction from a mysterious fire that completely destroyed only that one room in the house a few weeks earlier. As the house shook, we were terrified and ran upstairs to where my sister was with her friends. We told them what happened and were surprised to hear that they hadn't heard any banging. However, they were scared enough to leave us there, alone! John had a car, but his father who was still having car trouble needed his car and had dropped him off there for the night. I didn't want to break my mother's rules and use her car, so we decided we would stay. We went into a room on the other side of the house and tried to act like there was nothing wrong. I lit a candle and we put a movie on. About 2 minutes into the movie, the candle went out. We whispered about it to each other and said, "If we ignore it, it will go away." The couch literally lifted off the floor, not like a movie levitating, it jumped. I whispered, "One more thing and we are gonna take my mother's car and get the hell out of here!" The couch jumped again and we ran out of the house in a our pj's, took my mom's car, and got outta there. As we sped away, John told me that he didn't want to scare me while we were in the house but the whole time we were there "it" kept pulling his ears and tickling his neck.

That was the scariest week of my life!

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