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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Fayetteville, Georgia
Date of Encounter: 1994-2001

When my family moved to Georgia we bought a house in River's Edge Plantation — an old Southern plantation. Right up the road from our house was an old cemetery, complete with caskets coming out of the ground. There were many rumors that because it was the site of an old plantation, there were bodies buried in unmarked graves throughout the area.

During the seven years that my sisters and I lived there we encountered many strange occurrences: a woman sobbing when only my youngest sister was home (which led to her sobbing in the front yard), strange noises late at night which agitated the dog uncontrollably, and disembodied voices.

My own personal experiences only happened in the "haunted room" as we all called it. I was sleeping in there one night and woke to hear an ethereal voice calling my sister's name. At the brave age of 25, I ducked my head under the covers and said, "She's not here." On another occasion, I again woke in the middle of the night to hear a little boy giggling followed by a woman saying, "Shhhhhh." I peeked my head out and saw a little boy dressed in pre-Civil War clothes and a woman standing next to him, both looking at me. There was an extreme aura of sadness about her. I again took the cover dive.

My final experience was in that same room. I saw a greenish, ghostly scene of old-time carriages and old-civil war era houses. I stopped sleeping in that room after that.

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