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Witness: Kaichi Satake
Location: Glendale, California
Date of Encounter: Autumn 1998

I have had spirit encounters all of my life, and have come to enjoy the majority of them. Sometimes, though, they are not so pleasant and I find them highly annoying, though not frightening. One of the most annoying fellows visited me several times while I was living in a duplex in the foothills of the Angeles forest.

I had slept for two nights with my bedroom window slightly cracked open without incident. The window opened onto an enclosed patio, which was surrounded by other buildings and a tall wood fence. On the third night, I awoke to a weird sensation of being watched and found the entire window was glowing a deep crimson color. I thought nothing of it, and decided it was probably a reflection from somewhere, perhaps a light or something in a neighbor's window, and I went back to sleep.

Moments after that, I felt an oppressive presence in the room, which quickly moved toward me and hovered over me, pressing down onto my body with great force. I was unable to move or breathe or make any sound, and this presence felt malevolent. I felt it was trying to frighten me or intimidate me in some way. But as I was used to such things, it did not receive the response it wanted. Instead, I grew angry that it was keeping me awake, and I gave it a psychic "shout" to get out of my room and leave me alone. (This is a technique I discovered in my teens, which served to make annoying spirits leave me alone–when I wanted them to leave me alone. It is a projected mental shout backed with as much psychic energy as I can muster.)

This had the same effect on it that it has had on all other spirits, which was to startle it into backing off. Once it backed off of me, I "yelled" at it, again, to get out and leave me alone, and it left through the window. But it hovered there for some time, keeping the window glowing that deep crimson color, before finally going away.

The thing visited me three more times, and tried to do the same thing each time, and each time I "yelled" it out of the room. It finally occurred to me to try closing the window one night. This worked! The night I closed the window before sleeping, I awoke to the same red glow in the glass, but this time, it did not come inside. Apparently, it was not a very intelligent spirit, as it seems to have thought it could not get into the room unless the window was open. And who knows?! Maybe it couldn't. After that, it reappeared at the window a few more times, but never again came inside, and then finally left for good.

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