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Witness: Terry
Location: Cliffside Park, New Jersey
Date of Encounter: August 17, 1980

It was approximately 11 PM and my mother and I had just returned home from the hospital visiting my father. He had been in and out of the hospital due to diabetes, heart condition, and pneumonia. My mother was in her bedroom getting ready for bed. I was in my room, around the corner from hers, fiddling with the radio next to my bedroom door. The door was open into the hallway and the light was dim. Suddenly I felt a presence standing at my doorway. I turned to look but there was nothing, but I distinctively felt someone was there looking at me. It was like something invisible but I "felt" a shape. About a minute afterwards, my mother came running into my room and said she saw/felt my father's presence at home. The soul always returns home to the love ones before departing this world. I said nothing to my mother about my experience. At 6 AM the next morning, the hospital phoned and said my dad had passed away during the night. 

On a separate admittance to the hospital prior to this incident, my father claimed that he saw two hooded men enter his hospital room during the night. He couldn't see their faces, but he felt they were unearthly and he feared that they were there for him. He closed his eyes to pray and fell asleep. The next morning his roommate passed away. 

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