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Witness: Jess Evans
Location: York, England
Date of Encounter: April 19, 2006

This story starts when my dad had to go into hospital. I went to visit him, and that day didn't feel quite the same. I didn't realize why, but do you get he feeling something really is not right, but you don't know what it is? Well that is how my day started out. Nevertheless I carried on as if nothing was wrong.

Me and my brother and mother got into the car to go and visit my father in hospital and I was talking to my mom about the new course I was starting at school. I glanced slightly at her and there was somebody else sitting where my mother was once sitting — a girl much younger than me was sitting in the seat next to me — now this was freaky. I didn't know if it was my imagination at this point, or weather it was actually happening, it's not something you would expect to happen while sitting in a car. The day went on and there was no sign of this little girl, she wasn't scary or threatening in any way, she was just a girl. When we got to the hospital, my dad asked me to go and get him a drink, so I did. I went down the stairs of the hospital because the lifts were out of order. Halfway down the stairs, I heard a giggle. It was a sweet giggle. I though my brother had followed me so I looked up and there stood the girl again. It was as if she was looking straight through me as if I wasn't there. I asked her name, she just stared. I asked her if she needed help, she just stared at me still. She pulled her hand out from behind her back and stretched it out in front of her. She held a ring. It was a very old fashioned ring, not something you would find in common shops today. I picked it up out of her hand, she looked at me as if she was at peace with the whole world. She give a little smile and walked off. I tried to follow her but when I opened the door of the stairwell, she had gone. I have kept the ring till this day, for some reason that girl wanted me to have this ring and I'm privileged that she chose me. I have never seen her again, but I am hoping she is at peace and forever happy.

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