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Witness: Linda Cerul
Location: Valentine, Nebraska
Date of Encounter: December to March 2008

I was living with my parents and brother at this time, when I experienced my first encounter. Our house was built in the 1980s, and there was only two owners before us, so that's not a lot of time for something tragic to happen and a ghost appear, but there was still a ghost. I first talked to her two days before Christmas. It was after 11 PM, and I was dozing in bed. I heard soft childish sobs coming from the hallway, and my door, that could really use a good oiling, creaked open. I saw a white wisp of a girl slip into the room, with a long, puffed up dress, like from the settler days. She kept whispering, "Mommy? Mommy? Daddy?" As she edged closer to my bed she reached out to touch me, and I gasped, which scared her into stumbling out the door mumbling, "Mommy, Mommy, Daddy!" I later learned her name was Elizabeth.

After a few unwanted encounters, like slamming doors, falling dishes, screaming in the night, and literally walking into my room and scaring the crap out of me every night, I finally got tired of her bothering me and my family (she defiantly wasn't friendly, thinking that we were the ones who took her mom and dad) and smudged the house with a cigar (you use what you can when you're desperate). That made her angry, so we had to resort to holy water. When I sprinkled my room, I got to a certain place near the bed, and heard her scream and fade away. After that, she was gone.

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