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Home Encounters The Girl, Her Father, and Their House Vanished

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Witness: Stephen Dukes
Location: Sutton, Coldfield, England
Date of Encounter: July 8, 1963

This is an on going encounter than began when I was around 7 and it began in a playground behind what used to be St Georges army barracks. I had a little bike which I used to ride to get to this playground which was never busy, and on the day in question, which I can still remember very clearly, there was a girl there about a year older than me. We played and chatted for quite a while and she invited me back to her house as it backed onto the playground. It wasn’t a very old house, but I did notice that they had a really big black telephone which was nice as we never had one.

I had a drink there and her father was there and he got a phone and I had to go out, but they invited me to come back the next day. I did go back, but there was no house, just empty ground and an old man who was working in garden told me that it had burned just before the war started, and a father and daughter were burned to death. Now being seven that scared me, I cannot tell you how much, and I had terrible nightmare for years. After that encounter I have had a poltergeist follow me to every house I have ever lived in. It is in my present house at times but we also get shadow figure and I captured something coming down our stair case on VHS, which I don’t have any more, so I’ve no proof at all. I am not in the best of health, and I have kept this a secret for 54 years, but I’ve got to tell someone other than my wife, and I cannot even tell her everything. Our present ghosts she has seen, but I have often wondered if something attached itself to me. This is not a joke, not for me it isn’t.

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  1. I believe this happens from time to time. It’s those rare moments where interaction across the veil happens. It almost sounds like since his abilities scared him and created his own poltergeist from his fear. Never to late to learn yourself and improve the situation.

  2. This sounds like what psychical researchers would describe as a time slip. You may have been reliving the memories and sensations experienced by someone who once visited that home. The father receiving a telephone call makes me lean more in that direction.

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