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Home Encounters A Psychic Impression Forced Me to Lock My Windows

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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Date of Encounter: June 1, 1985

I was renting a small old house with a friend of mine. We were both college students, female. It’s Florida, humid and hot. All of the windows were up as usual, and fans going… this house had no air conditioning. I’m lying on my bed reading. It’s dusk. Suddenly, I’m seized with a very powerful urge to get up. The intensity of the urge was physical, as when you feel the need to find somewhere to vomit.

I spring out of bed and a command enters my brain, not as a vocal instruction… more like a PowerPoint slide, to lock all the windows. Since this command is accompanied by that powerful physical compulsion, I immediately start to obey, shutting and locking the two windows in my room. The windows in this house have the old style casement catch locks. As I’m moving to the kitchen to lock those windows, I begin to think about what I’m doing. What is this? I think it’s roasting hot, why the hell am I locking the windows? But there is something about the urgency of this command that causes me to sidestep my rational mind. I continue going through the house locking all the windows. When I get to the room where my housemate is working on an art project, she asks me what I’m doing. I remember having some kind of conversational exchange with her about my actions, but the result was that she let me continue. By the time I get to the living room it’s full-on dark. I begin to relax as I lock the last window.

Within minutes — not exaggerating — a pounding begins in the back part of the house. Something is banging on and rattling the back door which is fortunately locked. I’m suddenly seized with fresh panic as I realize that the front door is unlocked. As I rush to lock it, the banging stats moving to the back room windows. I get the front door locked and turn to see that my housemate is picking up the phone (landline, of course) to call the police. The banging is that loud. We hear this person banging on the windows and trying to open them, coming from the back part of the house toward the front. My housemate is describing this activity to the 911 operator. The person stomps onto the front porch. It’s only one person, but they are making a huge racket. I should probably say here, this house was surrounded by a thick, tall hedge, and located right behind a pub, so that even though we are in a city there could be a huge racket in the house and no neighbors would notice. Anyway, the person reveals himself to be a man in a very graphic way, against the glass front door. He is masturbating against the glass door as my housemate is talking to the operator. I hear sirens in the distance and at this point the person takes off. The officers arrive and interview us. They don’t catch the guy that day… later I hear that a rapist was captured whose methods sound like our guy. I hope it was him that they caught. Also, the city came out and cut down the hedge surrounding the house. I’ve never had a compulsion like that since or before this occasion. I could speculate that I had subliminally picked up on the presence of an intruder and that’s why I acted in the way that I did. However, my subjective impression was that an outside force of some kind had somehow broken through to communicate to me. Take that however you wish to.

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  1. Carl Jung referred to this as “future memories”. The fear and panic you experienced when the intruder attempted to force his way inside caused a synaptic function in your brain that essentially sent a message to you before the incident even occurred.

  2. Ooh, interesting. Definitely worth considering. Why wouldn’t this happen more often, and doesn’t that create a time loop?

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