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Witness: Clarissa
Location: Rockton, Illinois
Date of Encounter: June 1999

There is a sort of legend about one particular grave in the cemetery in the very small and quaint town of Rockton. Legend has it that there was a young woman that was deemed a "witch" by the townspeople. She had a small child out of wedlock, and the baby died under mysterious circumstances. She had her baby buried in the Rockton cemetery. After a short while, strange lights and sightings had been reported their, so that's when the teenagers started to come out. Their was a gate put up around her child's grave to prevent any damages and vandalism. This is the only grave in the whole cemetery that was protected like this.

When I was a teenager, my girlfriend, her mother, and I decided to check out the "witches baby's grave" that we had heard so much about. I will never forget the feeling of loneliness and sadness when walking up to this imprisoned grave. It was a beautiful summer day, clear skies, and warm breeze, but for some reason whatever happiness I found in the day was sucked out of me. I looked up at my friend and her eyes were just as sad as mine. She looked up at me and her mother and described to me exactly how I felt. All I know is that feeling came from the gut, like something very important and very vital had been ripped away from me. But they weren't our feelings at all, this much I know… The one comforting thing about the whole experience was the smallest patch of pink flowers that grew in the center of the gated grave. We then decided that it was time to leave, and as we left my friend had picked the prettiest flower from the little patch and inspected for those type of bugs that seem to live in those typed of flowers. We walked away with heads down and a permeating sadness. We got back into the car, put our seatbelts on and drove away. My friend, who sat in the backseat looked down at her flower. All of a sudden the pretty pink flower and the car was filled with tons of gnats and other tiny bugs.

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