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Witness: Janet
Location: Everett, Washington
Date of Encounter: June 1980

I lived in this house for about six months with my husband and three children and I was expecting our fourth child in September. I knew before moving in that a women had been murdered there recently, but I did not tell my husband until after we moved in. The first thing that happened was while we were still moving in the house — so we were not staying there overnight yet. We had left some pizza and a half case of beer in the fridge and when we came back the next day, half of it was gone. I know someone could have come in, but I don't think so.

The first thing my husband and I noticed was the chalk outline of her body on the closet floor. No matter how many times I cleaned it, by the next day it was back. The bedroom she was murdered in was always very cold, no matter how high the heat was. So shortly after my daughter was born we moved out of that bedroom and made it a storage room. I would always find the door open and the closet door and light on. "She" just didn't want to stay in there.
Nothing bad ever happened, she just let us know she was there. We would hear footsteps walking upstairs and down the hallway, or sounds coming from the kitchen. Cold spots and breezes at different times. Our dog would start growling for no apparent reason, things would get moved, or the radio might come on by itself.

The only one to ever see her was my oldest daughter when she was 11 years old. She said she heard someone walking down the hall and was watching to see who it was when a lady appeared in the doorway. She said she could see through her and that she stood there and smiled at her and then just disappeared. Most of my family and friends would not come to my house or if they did, they would not stay long because they felt uncomfortable.

I never felt uncomfortable, although I knew she was there. I think she was happy having the kids around as she was the mother of three herself when she was murdered. The house is still there and my kids and I still wonder if she is.

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