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Witness: Raimike
Location: Milton, Florida
Date of Encounter: February 17, 2005 8:30 PM.

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Ghost picture - Milton, Florida.

We have been living on this piece of property for 14 years. We found out three years ago that it was once a black cemetery from the 1800s. Now I understand why we are having so much actively here. Strange, they removed the headstones but not the graves. We have not dug into the ground, and don't think we ever will.

Activity occurs in and out of the house. I go out just about ever night (or whenever a feeling comes over me) and I sit in a chair, and talk to the spirits for about 15 to 30 minutes.

I have certain areas that I walk in when I get these feelings then I start snapping pictures. This is one I took by the old, dead tree stump.

There is always activity around this old tree stump. Here are two nice clear Orbs and one is right behind the stump. The strange thing is, there is a face on the stump, and it sure does looks the face of Jesus.

What a shot this one is! We are non-smokers, and don't allow any smoking on the inside of the house nor on the property. I have taken over 5,000 pictures since 2002.

The camera that I use is Cybershot DSC-P100, 5.1 mega pixels, made by Sony. I did have a
DC280 Zoom Digital Camera, made by Kodak, but our little spirits made it stop working. So we had to buy another camera.

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