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Witness: Jake
Location: Belleville, Illinois
Date of Encounter: July 20, 2010

First of all, the house I bought about a year ago was renovated shortly before I bought it. It was built in the forties, and without checking records I know that the woman who lived here before me was here for most of that time until she passed. My neighbor across the alley estimated she was here about 35 years. I noticed upon moving in that there were too many noises in this house for it to just be settling. Some could be from the new ducts and HVAC system expanding and contracting with the temperature, but that didn't explain the abundance of thumping sounds like something was dropped on the hardwood floors. I never felt a real presence and definitely no threat, but I knew something was odd.

One morning while stretching, I saw a cat in my bedroom door way, but on my double take, there was nothing. I don't own a cat, but I most definitely saw one. That did explain the thump sounds I heard, like a cat jumping off a counter. It was not there, but I saw it. Now when I hear certain bumps while it is quiet, I can tell where my spectral friend is hidden. But I have yet to see him again.

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