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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.Over the years, I have received mail asking me various supernatural questions and questions dealing with the paranormal, and also, some inquiries about the occult and magick. I recently received one that asked if I ever answered my letters. Well, yes and no. Let me share with you some answers to questions by way of this supernatural musings column, “Bide One’s Time.”

Do I believe in ghosts and spirits? No, I do not believe in them. But I do accept their existence, and accept the fact they exist. To ask if an individual believes in something indicates a belief system of some sort. But to ask, instead, do you believe in the existence of such things as being possible, allows me to answer yes without batting an eyelash! Why, because I have encountered such things in my life!

What is the difference between "magick" and "magic," and do you practice it? Magick is casting a spell, incantation, prayer, or invocation in the hope of achieving a desired effect, and that effect can be personal or for another. Magic is the pulling a rabbit or a scarf out of a magician’s black hat on a table on a stage in front of an audience. Magick is done in private to achieve a goal. Magic is done in public to entertain a willing audience. I do not practice magic. I practice magick every time I awake in the morning by thanking the positive creative forces that be for allowing me to awake. I practice magick every time I see a flower in bloom and thank the positive force that created it. I practice magick every time I make love, thanking the positive force that makes such union with love possible. I practice magick every time I ask for and pray for the well-being of loved ones. Yes, I practice magick. 

Do you believe in God? There are over 1,000 names for gods, and over 1,000 names for goddesses. I believe a positive pathway will lead an individual to her or his god, or goddess, by whatever name it is identified with. Just because a Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, Moslem, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Druid, Buddhist, or other follower calls a god or goddess by a certain name does not mean the others are wrong. It merely means that through social conditioning or personal faith, that individual has chosen that particular name to voice and identify a positive being of power. We are on different roads toward the same positive force, but eventually, we each find our way through sincere spiritual belief. Look within and find your way to that which you seek. Know yourself and be true to yourself, and live the positive spiritual path you follow without hesitation. For some it is harder than others. Endure.

What is important to you in life? Family, compassion, friendship, sincerity, understanding, truth, peace. I also am fond of green tea.

Is there more religious tolerance today than yesterday? There is less religious tolerance today than yesterday. Read the local headlines and listen to the evening news, if you doubt it.

Do you personally believe in reincarnation? Without a doubt, the answer now is yes. I no longer have doubts because I have witnessed things that prove to me reincarnation is possible. If you believe the human soul is immortal and ever-lasting, then you have to consider the ramifications of reincarnation. As an enduring cultural theme and concept, reincarnation has been with humankind since its beginning.

Do you believe in karma? Yes. We do what we are. We become what we do. We are what we become, accordingly. Right actions can temper the effects of past karma and help us not to repeat the same mistakes. Every person has a different karma. Some karma effects are intertwined. There is always a reason that a certain thing, person, or situation is in each individual’s life. 

Do you see a time when the USA will fall on hard times? The USA has fallen on hard times. I foresee a time when the USA will cease to exist as we once knew it. 

Who are your favorite authors? I have too many to list. I can be reading Aldous Huxley, Ernest Hemingway, Gerina Dunwich, Erica Jong, William Faulkner, and Herbert Gold at the same time, picking up reading in one then going to another easily. The same applies to philosophical writers. I can read Socrates and Carlos Casteneda within minutes of each other then read something by Sri Ramakrishna without pause. Like most readers I know, I am eclectic and my tastes reflect that eclectic approach. There is much to learn out there, past and present. I do read more nonfiction than fiction. I sincerely believe one must always learn as much as possible in each lifetime, and one approach is through reading. If there were more readers of books in the world today and less emphasis on video games, the world might not be so cluttered-up spiritually!

Do you consider yourself a Witch or a Pagan? I do not see the use for such terms. Because each person will follow more than one path in her or his lifetime before settling on the one chosen path which best explores and satisfies that person’s spiritual needs. I am a Vedantine, and as a Vedantist, I try to follow the precepts of that approach to meaningful living. Vedanta is an approach to life, and is my personal approach to life. I am also other things, and hopefully, they, too, are of a positive nature! Labeling is what is helping destroy the world today, and is the root cause of wars, whether those wars are of a religious nature or an economic nature. I can enjoy being in a Christian religious setting or Pagan religious setting, among others. Sincerity goes a long way with me. I hate pretense of any kind. 

Do you like cats? I love cats. Cats are psychic and let you know just where you stand at any given moment in time. I have two Siamese cats who keep me on my toes constantly with their inquisitive ways. A total of four cats roam the home my wife and I live in and are always a delight to observe! I have great affection for those who can live without pretense. We also have two small dogs, who take lessons from the cats.

There, if that answers some thoughts out there among readers, I hope my answers in this column of supernatural musings has been helpful. Another time, I will finish up with the other questions. For now, that is the way of it. Thank you for allowing me to share these musings with you!

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