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Witness: Mistteak
Location: Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Date of Encounter: 1986

When I was a little girl, about 7 years old, my family and I lived in a Colonial style home in Brisbane. I was always a solitary child and my parents were happy to have me play with an imaginary friend. I remember her as Sarah. I remember playing with dolls, playing hide-and-seek, and climbing trees. She always wore a pretty yellow dress and sunbonnet. I used to tell her to come in shorts. We lived in that house for about 8 months. When we left, Sarah did not come as well. When I was much older I was talking with my parents about friends and old homes. I mentioned Sarah, my childhood imaginary friend. My Mother said she never liked that house. As a chef, she said she never felt at home in the kitchen, she always felt it was someone else's. She also asked me if I remembered the lady and little girl ghost. I said, "What ghost?" Mum said, "The one every couple of nights that would stand over you and just look at you when I was sleeping." She said that they used to almost look as if they were kissing me good night. She said she never felt fear from them, they honestly gave her a feeling of well wishers. In the older style homes you have a main room off the side, and the door leads to a hallway with another room that has two doors and more hallway — that was my room. So from her bed she could see the people in my room. I asked her what they wore, Mum said the lady wore a bluish dress and the little girl a yellow dress and sunbonnet. I don't know any history about the house or the people, but I remember clear as day playing with Sarah and the fun we had. If she was anything other than imaginary, I hope that I made some of her time there happy too.

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