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The Fall Lineup from Ghost House BooksThe Fall Lineup from Ghost House Books review

Here is a splendid paperback book collection for readers of the paranormal and scary movies from Ghost House/Lone Pine. The books are well-written, reasonably-priced, informative, and entertaining.

December 2005 greets us with diverse gift ideas, and these titles should be on top of your booklist, for yourself or for a friend. The titles are self-explanatory.

The titles are:
Ghost Stories of Tennessee by A. S. Mott, 208 pages
Famous People of the Paranormal by Chris Wangler, 248 pages
Ghost Hunters of America by Dan Asfar, 192 pages
Haunting Fireside Stories by A. S. Mott, 200 pages
Ghost Stories of Florida by Dan Asfar, 206 pages
Premonitions and Psychic Warnings by Edrick Thay, 192 pages
Scary Movies by A. S. Mott, 199 pages

Each book is a great stocking stuffer. Each book is sure to please! For those interested in reading all the books in the series, check out the following web site at, or telephone for information at 1-800-661-9017.

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