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Witness: Rachel
Location: Dublin, Ohio
Date of Encounter: December 1982

I was used to seeing ghosts, as I have had many ghostly encounters throughout my life, and so did my mother, grandmother, siblings, and other members in my immediate family on my maternal side. So seeing or communicating with another ghost did not frighten me. When I was a child, ghosts would frighten me, but as I grew up and through the years, I got used to them being around.

Back in early December of 1982, my husband and I bought a lovely old two-story house about one year prior to the event. My husband and children and myself moved into this old house that actually sat on land that once had a house that served as refuge for escaped slaves through the underground railroad. This house was located deep back in the woods, in the state of Ohio. I could tell right from the beginning that there was a creepy feeling about the whole place; like a sadness. It’s hard to explain. But anyway, on that particular night, it was very cold and there was deep snow on the ground. I was feeling very exhausted, as I was pregnant with my son, and he was due to be born in about one week. I had a very busy day throughout that day, so I was glad for nighttime to finally come and all of the children were now fast asleep in their bedrooms.

I was feeling uncomfortable, so my husband was asleep in the next bedroom down the long hall so I could have the big double bed to myself to try to rest easier and get some sleep.

My bedroom was on the first floor, right by the bathroom. The children all slept upstairs on the second floor. I had a bassinet waiting for the baby when he was born in my bedroom sitting right next to the wall, close by the doorway at the foot of my bed. A lot of new baby blankets were folded very neatly and were laid on top of the bassinet. Before I retired for the night, I walked to the back of my bedroom and looked out into the crisp cold night. A bright moon was shining and casting shadows from the many trees that surrounded our house. The white snow glistened in the moonlight. I slipped into my long flannel warm night gown, and crawled underneath my warm blankets, and fell right asleep. After about three hours, I awoke suddenly. I opened my eyes and looked down past the foot of my bed, and there I saw very plainly a young lady just sitting in the center of the bassinet on top of the bunch of folded baby blankets, with her dainty hands folded on her lap. The moonlight was shining in my window and I could see her very clearly by the light of the moon. She was just sitting there looking at me. I looked at her, and I noticed that she appeared to be very solid and life like. She was slim and frail, and her skin color looked very pale white. Her age I believe was young, as she looked no more than 19 or 20. She had a very pretty face that wore no make up, or lipstick, or such. Her eyes were light blue, and her hair hung in long golden ringlets to just past her shoulders. She wore a long, light blue dress to her ankles, with long sleeves and high button neck with white cuffs on the sleeves and white collar. I could see the black toes of her shoes just barely sticking out from underneath her dress as she sat quietly watching me. She had on her head a white bonnet with the neck ribbon untied and just dangling loose on each side. I was thinking by her all dress or appearance she must of been from the 1700’s.

After we stared at each other for at least a couple minutes I just closed my eyes and drifted right back to sleep. I slept for a few more hours, then I woke up again because I needed to go to the bathroom. When I opened my eyes, I saw she was still sitting there looking at me in the same position and spot. I got out of my bed and proceeded to walk toward the door and right past the girl. She did not vanish or move. She sat deathly still, looking straight ahead toward my bed.

I walked the short distance down the hall to the bathroom. I used the bathroom, and while walking back toward my bedroom I was thinking that this ghost apparition must be gone by now? But upon entering my bedroom, I found to my surprise, the ghostly girl was still sitting there in the same place and position as before. I walked back past her and I sat down on the side of my bed. As I stared at her sweet, soft, pretty face, I decided to try to communicate with her. So I asked her, “What are you doing here in my bedroom?” To my surprise, she replied in a very soft calm sweet voice, “Looking at you.” I asked her, “Why?” She said, “Because I’m lonesome.” Then she asked, “Can I sleep with you?” After she asked that last question, I got irritated, then I replied in a stern sharp voice, “Well, no! Can’t you see I’m pregnant, and I’m miserable, and my husband had to sleep in the other bedroom? That’s why I’m sleeping alone in the first place!” Then there was a pause of silence, as we stared at each other. Then I heard her reply in a sad quiet voice, “Ooohhh.” Then she started to fade away (not vanish). She first started fading from her face, then the rest of her just faded on away and she was gone forever. I never saw her again.

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