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Witness: Mr. Costa
Location: Oceano, California
Date of Encounter: January 20, 2006

As a avid EVP researcher and Long haul truck driver, I have had many opportunities to get EVP recordings from all over the country.

My research has revealed some startling results lately. On the 20th of January this year an EVP has attached itself to me somehow. Now, no matter where I am or where I go, this EVP named Desmond Heathers is in every recording I make on my Olympus digital voice recorder. Even when I'm traveling down the road at 65 mph, Desmond is there ready to talk when I turn on my recorder. I know a lot about him and where he is now. One startling development occurred when I asked Desmond if he knew anyone that I knew. He said, "Yes. Joe." I said, "Joe my brother?" He said, "No, Joe who is with me." I asked him if Joe was with us now, and he said, "He is in you now." So I asked, "Joe are you there?" And I got this voice in the recording that was very deep and gruff-sounding — I can only say it sounded like Mr. T From the TV show The A Team. Joe Said, "Go away, Leave me alone." Well I don't communicate with those who don't want to, so I just do what I always do with the ones I get who I don't think deserve my attention. I just Ignore them. 

Here's where the story takes a strange turn. The week after that I was talking to my doctor about a fatigue problem I've been having lately. Nothing serious, just tired during times of the day I don't think I should be. He asked if I was sleeping okay, and I said I tend to wake several times during the night. He recommended I get a sleep study done. After finding the only sleep research center with in a hundred miles of where I live, I was told the study would cost in excess of $1600 for one night. Well I thought this was ridiculous so I figured I would do it myself. 

I was on the road the night I decided to do my sleep study, and set up my digital voice recorder and DV camera in the sleeper of my big rig. I fell asleep within 15 minutes. When I reviewed the recordings the next morning I was so startled at what I had recorded I could hardly listen to it.

The recording revealed that I snore rather loudly. What was startling was the EVP Joe was using my snoring sound to speak to me in my sleep. With every rattling snore he formed words. He said things like, "Don't you know you love me?," "Don't leave me," "Don't wake up, I'm not done yet," "Don't you remember me from the Navy?," "You know you're listening to me," "You know you love me," "How did I get in here, what happened to me?," "I need you," "I'm just jealous of you, Tony," "Tony, please help me," and he goes on and on for hours. Not just that night either, every night I have recorded he's talking to me in my sleep. It concerns me because I don't know if there may be some subliminal influence with him talking in my sleep like that every night. I think I know him. I vaguely recall a friend I had in the Navy named Joe back in 1980. I remember feeling sorry for the guy because of his drinking problem, and was always trying to help him when he got in trouble. I use to buy him gifts for his birthday and Christmas because his family wanted nothing to do with him. Other than that, I can't recall very much about him. When I asked him how long he has known Desmond, He said five years. That is how long Desmond told me he's been dead. Actually Desmond didn't even know he was dead until I convinced him he was. He kept trying to tell me he was alive. So I asked what it looked like where he was, and what did he see around him. He said nothing but a faint amber and turquoise colored light that was all around him. He desperately wants out of where he is. He says he can see me sometimes. One day when I was sitting at my office desk at home I asked him if he could see me, and he said he could. So I reached in my pocket and pulled out a $20 dollar bill and asked him if he could see what I had in my hand. He said, "A dollar." Thinking it was just a lucky guess on his part I dropped the bill and picked up a Bic lighter. I then asked again, "What am I holding in my hand now?" And he said, "a light."
I had reached in my desk for it and had my hand closed around it so I couldn't even see it. How did he know? Many times Desmond will ask if I can see him. I never have been able to, so I got out my digital camera and asked if he would let me take pictures of him. He said, "I will try." So I told him where to be in my living room at home while I snapped a few dozen pictures. Nothing showed up on review, so I asked if he would mind trying something else. I explained what white noise was to him, and he was already familiar with it. He helps me to adjust the levels and spectrums of white noise to be able to hear him better. I explained that I could generate a different type of noise that is not audible but that I might be able to see him with. So I set up my DV Camera to form a video feedback loop with my Sony Trinitron 32" TV. Manually adjusting the focus in such a way that the feedback picture was focused on the pixels in the screen as it oscillated slightly due to some technical reason I can't explain now. After talking with Desmond during the set up and adjustment period I told him where I thought he could best try to show himself. Desmond appeared to me only once for about 2 seconds in the video. He had very plane symmetrical features and was shown from the waist up. He seamed to be in his mid 30s with dark, sunken eyes, he was wearing a bowler hat, and 1940-type jacket with wide rounded lapels with a open shirt that had no collar.

Further research with Desmond shows he can see me and some things around me when his energy level is high. For example, I can give him instructions on how to travel somewhere. One time I showed him a map on my Microsoft streets and trips, and showed him the same roads in satellite photos taken from Google Earth. With this information I am able to ask him to got to a specific place and get information I desire. One time I sent him to the Powerball lottery drawing headquarters located at 4400 Urbandale Drive in Urbandale, Iowa to see if he could see the Powerball numbers being drawn 6 hours before the draw. I have reason to believe he is not bound by time as we know it and thought he could travel through different threads of time in different time lines. Well I asked him to go and do this for me. After about 1 hour of instruction on what to look for, and how to get there. Then when I asked if he was ready he said "I'll try," then "I'll be right back."

He returned in approximately 30 minutes and gave me some numbers. I was all excited and purchased our ticket. Later the next day I went to check the ticket and realized I had sent him on the wrong day. I explained to Desmond how sorry I was for the mistake and how much time and energy we wasted. I asked him what the numbers were he gave me because he was there 24 hours too early to see the actual drawing and realized he must have witnessed one of the practice draws they do to check out the machines.

Lately I've been having some other problems. I injured my back seriously at work and have not had the desire to record anymore due to my pain and medication. I have been recovering well and expect my research to continue. My new job doesn't offer me as much travel and time to do the things I'd like. I just hope when I start recording again Desmond and Joe will let some other people talk to me. They have been kind of a hindrance to my research even though I have learned so much form them of life after death. 

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