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Witness: Jacinta Kennedy
Location: Northern Ireland
Date of Encounter: November, 1997

I was cycling home from a friend's house around 11:30 on a Sunday night in November. I had two miles to cycle along a dark lonely country road on a relatively calm, but cold night. No stars were out and as I sped along I had a flashlight in my hand as the BMX bike had no lights. I had used this road thousands of times before, either walking or riding both day and night. I was in the middle of the road going downhill when the flashlight picked up two very large, reflective things — kind of shaped like two triangles on their side about 800 feet ahead of me. I stopped the bike and turned of the flashlight. All logical thoughts were running through my head at this time like: is it another bike? No, can't be. No bike would have reflectors that size. A large animal maybe? No. No animal in this country is as big as that. The eyes — what I called them then — moved slowly from one side of the road to the next. I froze, and I can't really describe what the feeling was as it descended upon me. I was sensing a most hideous vibe of this thing in front of me — pure evil intent. It was almost choking me, I had never before felt anything so intensely powerful and evil. There it was straight ahead of me and I was frozen to the spot.

I kept turning on and off the flashlight. When it was on, the eyes were red and like reflectors, when I turned it off, I could see a large 7 to 8-foot hunched outline of whatever it was blacker than the black night. I was able to judge this as I knew this road like the back of my hand. This thing was meaning to harm me — what could I do? I'm not a religious person, but I sensed this was an evil entity before me so with all the conviction I could muster, I said the Lord's Prayer — meaning every word of it like my life depended on it (at the time, it did). As soon as I said the words from the prayer, "deliver us from evil, amen," the whole evil, choking atmosphere pervading the air around me lifted, the thing disappeared, and the air around me was filled with peace and calm again. I was able to continue on my journey. 

I think this story is a bit on the mad side, unbelievable almost, but it happened to me. This is the first time I have said anything about it. I can only think that it was a demon. I consulted the Ouija board the next day and I asked what was it I saw last night? The answer was "demon." I then asked what did it want? The answer was, "it wanted to harm you." To this day I will never walk or cycle along that stretch of road at dark because I never wish to feel or see anything as chokingly evil as that Sunday night.

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