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The Enchanted CatThe Enchanted Cat
By Ellen Dugan
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (March 2006)
Pages: 165 – Price: $12.95

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To read any Ellen Dugan book is a treat, and The Enchanted Cat is one more fine nonfiction book from her creative mind! The Enchanted Cat is a book that will have a wide appeal to readers of all interests.

The Enchanted Cat is about the magickal cat. Spells, magick, and other topics are developed and covered concisely in this enjoyable book.

There are numerous facts to hold your interest. Whether or not you are a cat lover is incidental to the good reading experience you will encounter with this collection of facts. 

Many associate the cat with ancient Egypt, and the cat-headed goddess Bast. Three-thousand years later, the cat has come to mean many things to many people. One of the attributes of this fine book is the entertaining manner in which the author has included quotes from famous cat lovers throughout the ages, such as Cole Porter’s “You Do Something to me, something that simply mystifies me” (page 20), and Charles Dickens’s “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” (page 95).

The book is divided into topics that cover various aspects of the cat. Such topics include: the Witch’s cat, the enchanted cat, Bast, deities, elemental feline folklore and divination, astrology of cats, candle spells, feline power animals, magick journal, among others.

The spells are detailed and clearly explained. How each spell works, and what is to be expected from the working of cat spells, is discussed. This book will fascinate you!
Ellen Dugan lives in Missouri, and is a lecturer and author of many writings. She is known as the Garden Wtich and is a Master Gardener.

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