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Witness: Jay
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Date of Encounter: 2003 – 2004

We were living in Base Housing (Navy) and I was working at a bed and breakfast down the road. Keep in mind that this area of Newport News is where General Washington and his troop had many battles. There was a mansion across the road where the visitors watched reenacted battles. Housing was built on those grounds directly across from where the fighting occurred. The Newport News Park was included in this area also. We moved in to the Base Housing and noticed our dog and cat staring at something on the wall all the time. We thought maybe they were upset by moving and were just acting strange. I took out my camera and took a picture of them in a box. When we got the film back we noticed that they were staring at a white orb. We looked at other pictures to see that this orb was always above the head of my animals in most of the pictures. We asked other people in housing to see if this happened to them and they said, "Yes, it happens all the time — this place is haunted."

When I went to work at the bed and breakfast the first thing they told me was that the place was haunted by a mischievous little ghost who would steal the utensils and hide them around the house. Sure enough, it happened. Brides and grooms staying in the house would find our spatulas in their beds and would ask how they got there and they person who owned it would politely tell them what happened.

There is a graveyard (very old) next to one housing unit and when a tornado came through the area the only apartment hit was the one reported to have ghosts. The lady who lived there had just left because she couldn't take it anymore and was freaked out by the ghosts. Luckily she had just moved out before a 300 year-old oak smashed through her apartment.
If you ever want to see orbs (for real), take your camera to Newport News, Virginia and go to a cemetery, base housing, or Newport News Park. They have the highest concentration of orbs and ghosts I've ever seen. I never believed in them until I lived there. Now that I can recognize the signs, I realize my animals here in Akron, Ohio are seeing orbs in the house I live in — it is an old 1920s house — and I know people have died here (including my precious dog). 

You can take comfort in knowing that even after we leave this world in a physical sense, we are definitely still here spiritually. I have proof.

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