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The Druids: Celtic Priests of NatureThe Druids: Celtic Priests of Nature
By Jean Markale
Publisher: Inner Traditions (February 1999)
Pages: 276 – Price: $16.95 review

I have read this nonfiction book twice, and each time have come away with some new insight into the world of the ancient Druids. It is a reading adventure, and one of Jean Markale’s finest books.

Logically arranged, part one deals with the name, hierarchy, and society of the Druids. Part two reveals the complex beginning times of the Druids, and where they came from. The Three-Faced Goddess and the Warrior Deity are two of the informative chapters in part two.

Part three details initiations and rituals, and covers such topics as mistletoe and plant rituals, the four elements, the power of the word, totemism and shamanism, and neodruidism. Part four discusses mind and matter, the otherworld, the quest, among other topics.

A comprehensive look at the Druids, this is one book you will want to have for reference. It contains much information oftentimes overlooked. The interesting aspects of the magickal practices of the Celt priesthood are explained.

Well written and entertaining, The Druids is a fine reading experience. Full of information, it will hold you spellbound! Congratulations to the author for a work well crafted, and realized.

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