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Witness: (Name withheld upon request)
Location: Sykesville, Maryland
Date of Encounter: early 1980s

I was very young, maybe about 7 years old — I remember going to my friend Diane's house for a sleepover. I had never stayed at her house before. We were playing that day and I remember her telling me that sometimes "robbers" come into her house at night. I wasn't the sharpest kid on the block but I remember thinking that was stupid and just ignored her.

That night I was asleep, sharing the top bunk with her while her older sister slept below. I woke up suddenly because I was ice cold. Being it was summer I thought the room was very cold because of air conditioning, and that since she'd kicked the covers off of me I just needed to grab them and get warm again.

However, remember I was a very little kid who was feeling very safe because there were two other people sleeping in the room with me. As I glanced to the foot of the bed searching for covers, my gaze noticed something in the doorway; two dark figures. They were just shadows — no definition of features, but adult sized, and human shaped. The shadows were darker than the dark hallway. They faced in the direction of her parent's room; one pointed to it, the other nodded and the first disappeared into the room. The other turned toward me. I was so terrified at that point that I shut my eyes tight. I waited for what seemed like ages and finally got myself to open my eyes again just to see if it was gone and there it was right in front of my face, hovering above us. Its face was nothing but a blank shadow. This is all I remember — I think I must've just kept my eyes shut and at some point fallen asleep.

The confirmation of this event, now that I am an adult, comes unwittingly from my parents. I asked them if they remembered my sleepover at Diane's, and they said yes because I spoke of how I'd seen something in my room that night. My parents still believe I was imagining it, but people who have experienced this themselves know it is still too vivid and too obscure to be an imagined event. I know what I saw and get chills even today, even as I write. I wish someone could explain this event to me. What are these shadowy figures? Are they malevolent? I suppose so since as a child I intuitively felt scared. 

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