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The Dead Won't Hurt You... Or Will They?: A True Tale of a Family's HauntingThe Dead Won’t Hurt You… Or Will They?: A True Tale of a Family’s Haunting
By D.B. Lyn
Publisher: Whitford Press (June 2002)
Pages: 192 – Price: $16.95 review

This is a true story of a family haunting. It is the account of how one woman was stalked by menacing, otherworldly presences, and visions in her grandmother’s home.

Some of the horrors which befall this woman are made painstakingly clear in the story. Unseen hands shake the woman awake at night, and leave bruises. Things are thrown at her head with deadly aim. Even healthy people go to sleep and never wake again in this house of the macabre.

This is a fine macabre tale, and it is even more frightening because it is true. The house claims victims!

Almost like a finely-paced novel, this true account will have the reader on the edge of the chair, wanting to read more and scared of what will come next! Who and what the ghostly presences are will not be disclosed by this reviewer, but I would suggest if you are interested in the paranormal and like to read about true hauntings, this book is for you! A scary reading experience, one filled with dread of what comes next to this woman beset by evil presences!

How Becky sets out to rid the house and her life of evil presences will hold the reader spellbound. This is a well-written account of a true haunting.

The photographs accompanying the book are interesting and add further interest for the reader. Scary!

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