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Witness: Kirsty
Location: Seaford, East Sussex, England
Date of Encounter: Winter 2006

One week during the winter months I had three different encounters in my room. The first was in the afternoon when I had just finished reading a book and my TV had been off for hours, but I noticed a strange cloudy body-like shape on the screen next to me. I wiped it, but it didn't go away and that was when I noticed the figure was laying on my bed, so I slowly put my hand through where the figure would be laying, but on the screen all I saw was my hand going through the figure. I walked out of my room for a couple of minutes then returned to find it wasn't on the screen anymore.

The next night I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about the afternoon before, so I got out of bed to get a drink, which was when I saw about seven faces appear on the wall. They appeared one after another, there were men and women, literally different colors, and they seemed to be speaking, but I couldn't hear them. After I'd seen all the faces, they disappeared. Nothing happened the next day or night, but the evening after that I experienced my last encounter. It was the same wall that I saw the faces, but this time there was a torso hovering with bright colorful lights around it, and it only stayed for what I would guess was a few seconds.

P.S. One time when I had a friend sleeping over, she swore she saw a cloudy body-like figure float out of my torso and fly through the window and my Nan participated in a few different psychic sessions and they all kept picking up messages from her Mum who was a controlling lady, so we joked that she hasn't changed much even after life.

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