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Witness: April W.
Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Date of Encounter: August 4, 2008

The spirit of a pre-teen boy has been seen and felt inside The Thornton House at Stone Mountain Park's Antebellum Plantation. My Mother and I were touring the houses just before closing and encountered the boy. My Mother assumed that he was a tour guide because of the manner of clothing he was wearing. She found it strange that he never spoke. He simply stayed on the staircase and looked at her as if she were an intruder. She turned to look in the kitchen and he was gone. I felt his spirit again in the upstairs bedroom to the left. My Mother was concerned for my safety as I was coming down the stairs. She felt that he could have pushed me down the stairs. We left the house and continued to tour the backyard. We had an unshakable feeling that the boy was glaring at us from the windows.

We were left with the feeling that this boy could not have been older than the age of 15-16. We believe that he may have come from the time of the late 1800s or early 1900s — somewhere between 1880-1920. He had on khaki colored pants with suspenders, and a gray shirt. He had dark eyes with sandy blond hair in a bowl cut that looked as if he had been wearing a hat.

We also encountered other spirits and feelings in and around the Antebellum Plantation at Stone Mountain Park. If anyone out there has had a similar encounter, you are welcomed to e-mail me and share with me your experiences. I'd like to find out who this boy is and help him if I can. I feel bad for him. Imagine what he goes through every day having hundreds of strangers coming into his home. I know that he is angry and maybe he doesn't understand. Maybe he doesn't even know that he's dead.

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