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Witness: Michele
Location: Los Angeles, California
Date of Encounter: Summer of 2002

My husband and I with our children live in the house I grew up in. This house was built back in the 40s or 50s. I've lived in this house since I was about 8-years-old. The house has always had an — the only word I can think of is — awkward feeling to it. Some nights the house is terrifying and others it's calm.

The first experience I had was one night my husband and I were sleeping. Now, I'm terrified of the dark so I sleep with the TV on, but something woke me up. I was dead asleep and for some reason I looked into the mirror that is attached to my headboard. I saw a small boy standing at the foot of my bed, he had a striped sweatshirt on, his hood was pulled over is head so just his face was showing, his arms were folded, and he was just standing there glaring at me. I couldn't make out any color, I just saw him in black and white, with the TV illuminating him. I was so horrified. I put my head back down again. I was too terrified to speak. My husband was right next to me. I looked up again in the mirror and there he was, still standing there a little closer this time just glaring at me. I sat up and turned around to face him, but when I tried to look at him directly he wasn't there. I turned back to the mirror and there he was again but closer. I turned once more and he was gone! The last time I looked in the mirror he was standing right next to me by my bed. I screamed in horror. My husband jumped up. By this time I had the covers pulled over my head. I was screaming at my poor husband that there was somebody standing at the side of our bed. My husband told me there wasn't. I told him to look in the mirror on our headboard. He didn't say a word. He immediately turned on the light to our room. He insisted that he didn't see the boy but I know he did. One week later he bought us a new bedroom set, one without a mirror as a headboard.

The second experience I had was my husband and I with our kids moved to a new house a year after this experience. I instantly fell in love with this house. We moved in and everything seemed fine. But after the first week I started to wake up every single night exactly at 2:22 AM. After a while I hated being in that house. You could hear someone walking up and down the hallway always at night. Our daughter would hear knocking on her door and scraping noises coming from the hallway. One night our neighbor came to our door, around 2:25 AM, asking if I was okay. I said yes why, he said that he saw me standing looking through my bathroom window. I told him that it wasn't me, and that my window is too high for me to reach so it couldn't be me. He was insisting that it was me. Needless to say we only stayed in that house for a year. Oh, and right after we moved out of that house I never woke up at that time again.

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