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Home Encounters The Boy Flew Over My Bed

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Name: Anna Montgomery
Location: Briargate, Colorado
Date: Summer 2017

I was young, and I was trying to go to sleep. My room had always felt off, you know like there would be shadows that I felt were watching me. I was lying on my bed and it was night. I don’t remember the exact date this happened, but it was sometime over summer because it was still gray in my room. I have always had a hard time sleeping. I was just lying there thinking, when out of nowhere this boy came and flew over me. He had his arms out wide in a T shape, and I couldn’t see any legs. I remember getting really cold and he smiled at me. He had like a French-type of outfit on, and like a bandanna around his throat. Then he was gone. I stayed up hoping I would find him again, but I never did.

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