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Witness: David
Location: Marysville, California
Date of Encounter: October 2006-December 2007

We bought and moved into a house in Marysville, California, in September-October of '06. The house was built in 1976 and had four bedrooms and an add-on, making it five in total. We know nothing about who lived in it before us other then what we learned by word of mouth from people who knew them or lived next to us. Within the first few weeks, odd stuff started happening. Nothing too big but the lights would go on by themselves. I can recall one night when we came home around 11 PM and all of the lights were on in the entire house. And I mean all lights.

We have four kids and we figured one was playing around. But they all said that they had not left lights on when we left. A few weeks later my youngest daughter came crying into our bedroom and was visibly upset. She said that her closet door had come open by itself and she had seen a dark cloud/mist up near the corner of her room. Both me and my wife thought at the time it was your basic, normal night-terrors. So we got her a night light and I put a box in front of the closet door and we went to bed. The next morning my wife went into her room and the box had been moved and the nightlight bulb burnt out.

Around two month later, I was in the kitchen and was washing dishes when I noticed an odd stain on the door. It was sort of outlined with goo. Sort of like jelly — which I think it was, but still am not sure. I cleaned it off and moved on. The next day it was back and had made a puddle on the floor. We cleaned it again and it came back. We did this for about a week until we had the door replaced, which resolved the issue.

Our bedroom had a dresser that held our large, flat screen TV. The TV would come on or go off by itself. Both me and my wife saw this happen alone and when we were together. We were making love one time and right in the middle the TV turned on with the volume on high. It scared us good. Thinking that it was an interference from some other remote or signal I unplugged the TV from the wall outlet. The TV came on again by itself and then died out. A few weeks later we found both kitchen sinks filled to the rim with water — though no one was there to have done it. Both the sinks were filled with scalding hot water right to the point of spilling over.

Other times we would find dead birds in the yard, both front and back. My older daughter saw a mist or dark cloud in her room. My youngest son never seemed to be bothered by anything. My oldest son had his door slammed in his face when no one was home. I went to the bathroom one night and was sitting on the toilet when I noticed the shower door was moving open real slow. I opened it to see for only a split second a lady standing there. It scared me real bad. I ran back into the bedroom and woke up my wife. I never saw that again. Nothing harmful ever happened while we lived there, though some things moved around a bit and lights came on, and odd things happened. We never felt threatened by whatever was there, and I am sure that we mixed reality and a bit of imagination into the mix. But something was going on.

We did find out that the couple who had lived there before us had moved out due to the family who lived behind us. They had gotten into an argument and the husband had gotten a hold of a rifle and shot the wife and himself. (Word of mouth and not confirmed by us.) But the women who lived where we lived was the best friend of the wife, and so the two families were close. I don't know too much else other then the fact that strange stuff went on there. We moved due to foreclosure and not the activity. But that is our story. Other stuff happened there but never stuff that hurt anyone.

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