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The Arcana of Freemasonry: A History of Masonic Signs and SymbolsThe Arcana of Freemasonry: A History of Masonic Signs and Symbols
By Albert Churchward
Publisher: Weiser Books (February 2005)
Pages: 318 – Price: $19.95

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There are more than three million Masons in North America today, and this secret society continues to fascinate people worldwide. A good example is the movie success of last year’s National Treasure. The Freemasons held a high belief in liberty and equality for all people and this had a decided effect on both the American and French Revolutions. The founding of the United States was positively affected, and symbols of the society are evident in our currency.

The Arcana of Freemasonry was first published during 1915, and this new edition of a long out-of-print work reveals the history of this secret order. Its roots have an origin in ancient Egypt, and the symbols have endured. The basic symbols are found in many cultures. The author, Dr. Albert Churchward was a Mason.

R. A. Gilbert, internationally-respected scholar, has written an introduction to the work that brings the research into contemporary times. He is the author of Victorian Ghost Stories, among other books.

The chapters make for fascinating reading. Among the chapters are found “The Soul of Masonry,” “The Divine Name,” “Origins of Freemasonry," “The Origin of and Explanation of Some Masonic Signs and Symbols,” “Egyptology and Masonry,” and “The Four Cardinal Points.” Each chapter is an adventure that throws light on the topic of Masonry.

The illustrations include “The Rasied Tatt Cross with Supporters,” “The Idol Tandayudhaswami,” “Seals Made by Caste Hindus,” “Tepoxtecatl, God of the Axe of the Mexicans,” “The Four Evangelists in Christian Symbolism,” among many others. The “Calendar Wheel From Duran” on page 248 is another intriguing illustration.

This book builds upon detail, much like a finely written mystery, and by the conclusion, the secrets are intact and revealed. Readers will find this a superb nonfiction reading journey!

The book is accurate in its research. Highly recommended for understanding the mysterious world of the Masons. 

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