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Witness: Alex
Location: Marlborough, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: June 1984

I always keep an open mind about ghosts, mostly because of this story. In 1984 I was invited to a co-workers apartment in which he and his wife lived. The apartment happened to be the basement of an old hospital used from the late 1800s into the early 1900s and his apartment was where the morgue used to be located. While I was there, I heard something fall in the next room and he began to tell me that he'd be moving soon as the place was haunted. He said that pictures on the walls constantly were turned upside-down whenever he and his wife returned home, and items in the apartment would go missing and then reappear.

Ten years later, I dated a girl who lived in the exact same apartment. She moved in shortly after he moved out and she told me almost the exact same story! She also told me about a time she was forced into her bed and wasn't able to move by some outside force. She quickly fled the apartment after that experience. I was just blown away that two different people that I knew who didn't know each other, and in a span of 10 years, told me the same story.

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