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Tarot of the DeadTarot of the Dead/Tarot de los Muertos
By Monica Knighton
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 2004)
Pages: 72 instruction book 78 card tarot deck – Price: $19.95 review

This Tarot deck with paperback instruction book will surprise, and delight the many readers interested in the dead, the afterlife, Tarot, and divination. The cards utilize the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday theme, which honors deceased friends and family.

The watercolor artwork on the cards often depicts both human and animal figures as skeletons which symbolize our mortality. The book is in both English and Spanish. Due to the highly unusual figures on the cards, this deck has developed an underground cult following among comic collectors, Tarot collectors, and fans of the Grateful Dead singing group.

This deck is based on the Arthur Edward Waite and Marseilles decks with its unique insights into traditional Tarot imagery. You will find this an unusual and colorful deck of cards to work with, and it is an enjoyable approach to Tarot. 

Monica Knighton has created a remarkable Tarot deck that is both educational and fun. Those who are interested in the Mexican Day of Dead holiday will find this fascinating.

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