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Witness: Tina
Location: Bristol, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: 1983

Shortly after my father died, my mom and I moved into this apartment. I know someone or something was present there. Here are a few things that happened.

First of all my bedroom was always cold, even in the summer. My mother would hear music coming from my room at night and she would come in to tell me to turn it off. When she entered the room I was sound asleep and the music would stop, but it would be freezing. Then I would see the curtains move as I was coming up the walkway to the door, thinking it was my mom spying on me I opened the door to find there wasn't anyone home. (She and I just talked about this a little while ago, and the same thing would happen to her when she pulled in the driveway). I found out my dad would do that to her when she came home.

The two strangest things that happened was first when I had my friend sleep over she was on my bed and I was on the rollaway bed right below her, all of a sudden we heard tapping on the head board. I thought it was her and she thought it was me (we would try to scare each other) you know how kids are at 13 years old. When we held our hands up and it kept on tapping and we screamed for my mom to come in and stay with us until we fell asleep. (My mom blamed the tapping on the heater pipes). Recently my mother confessed that my father used to tap on the wall when he needed something (he was bed ridden for a long time) so she was just as freaked out as we were.

The next thing that happened I will never forget. I was on my bed talking on the phone and I felt something scratch from my side all the way down the bed, like a hand or a big claw. I asked my mom if the cat or dog were in and she had just let them out — the experience was so real. More things happened there too, but I think you get the gist of it. Ever since then I have had strange occurrences happen around me. I am pretty used to it by now (I'm 34) but my new husband gets creeped out quite a bit.

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