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Home Encounters Strange Noise on Bottom Bunk

The Child's Room by Frank Grace
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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: South Carolina
Date of Encounter: November 18, 1997

This encounter happened when I was 12. It was a week before Thanksgiving, 1997 and I had gotten suspended from school for about 3-4 days for something minor. On the first day of my suspension, I was awakened by the sound of the plastic cover moving on the bottom bunk (the plastic protective covering was never taken off of it at the time.). I looked at the clock on the dresser and was thinking that my little sister (who slept on the bottom bunk) was gonna be late for school. I dozed back off for a few minutes until the sound woke me up again. I told my sister she better get up or she’s gonna be late, but I noticed she didn’t answer.

What was strange was that I felt absolutely no body movement on the bed as the plastic moved. It was exactly as if someone was tossing and turning on it, but the noise was only coming from the part toward the foot of the bed and nowhere else.

Directly across from the bunk bed about five feet away is a large dresser with a large mirror built into it. I looked at the clock then sat up in the bed and moved over to look into the mirror down onto the bottom bunk to tell my sister to wake up… I was only confused briefly when I looked down and noticed that no one was there. At that moment the plastic made the noise again from the same spot I was looking at, but the plastic did not even move. I got so scared that I literally leaped off the top bunk and ran out the room, leaving the door open and ran into my parents’ room where my dad was still sleep (my mom had gone to work).

I was so scared that I got in the bed with my dad and woke him up telling him what happened, but he just kind of shook it off and went back to sleep. After some time I could still hear the noise carrying on in my bedroom at different intervals and eventually it stopped completely. I was still scared but I felt comfortable being around my dad, so I was finally able to get some more sleep.

Around about 11AM he woke up and woke me up as well, telling me to get ready as we were going uptown for a while before he had to leave for work. That took my mind off things and eventually I had forgotten about what happened earlier. Around about 1PM or so we came back home and he had to leave for work, so I was there at the house by myself until my mom and little sister came back home at 4.

So… I was now home alone and was having fun playing with one of my hand held games in the den while watching TV on the couch. Time went on and I was just chilling, then out of nowhere that exact same noise from down in my bedroom had started up again. I turned the TV down and just froze. This time around the noise was more loud, intense, and more continuous. I mean it was just like it was deliberately trying to scare me or get my attention. It was only the plastic covering on the bed making noise. Nothing else.

I was froze stiff but I tried to lean back slowly on the couch to look down the hallway towards the bedroom to see if I could see anyone moving in the room but I didn’t see anything, and the bedroom was well lit from the sunlight shining through one of the windows. It took every bit of courage for me to slowly get off the couch and hide behind it so that who or whatever was down in the room wouldn’t come out and see me.

I was so scared that I was almost crying. I had to use the bathroom badly but all I could do was hold it and stay froze behind the couch in one position. The noise continued on for hours up until about 30 minutes or so before my mom and little sister came home, which was around 4:30. I have never in my life been so glad to see them. I didn’t think I told my mom about what happened, but later on that night I told her that I wanted the plastic cover taken off the bottom bunk, so we did just that. I checked the plastic carefully for holes just in case maybe a small animal or something may have gotten in it and was moving around but there were no holes to be found. I checked under the bed also but found nothing. The ceiling fan and air vent wasn’t on and had no way of blowing air on the bottom bunk anyway, so that was out of the question.

The rest of my days home from suspension went on without event. Though I was still wary, I wasn’t as scared anymore. At the time during the encounter, I wasn’t even thinking about a ghost, but it had dawned on me later that it may have been one. The question that plagued me was why was it trying to scare me, and why was it focusing only on the plastic covering on the bed. Whatever it was or it’s reason, it was the most terrifying thing I ever went through to date.

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