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Jesus Christ resting in San Bartolo, Mexico
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Jesus Christ resting in San Bartolo, Mexico

Jesus Christ resting in San Bartolo, Mexico

This surely is the news of the month, if not the year. An eighteenth century veneration statue of Jesus Christ, known as the Lord of Patience, has been found to have real human teeth, all the way up to the root!

A restoration of an 18th century statue of Jesus Christ resting in San Bartolo, Mexico, was recently found to have real human teeth. San Bartolo Cuautlalpan, a church located in the town of San Bartolo in the municipality of Zumpango, about 30 miles north of Mexico City, has since long preserved this three-foot, eight-inch-tall icon portraying Jesus seated right before his crucifixion, a period popularly known as the Passion.

While performing restoration work on this relic this week, Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) did a few X-Rays of the statue, revealing the astonishing result that the teeth of the statue weren’t of fiber or wood, but real adult teeth from a human being. Fanny Unikel, art restorer told Vice News:
“It is common for statues to have teeth, but they are normally made of wood or carved individually out of bone. In this case, he has eight adult teeth. You can even see the roots.”

However, before those uncanny, disquieting thoughts of serial killers prowling around with huge chainsaws to carve out human teeth begin flashing in your mind, Unikel made it very clear that the teeth were likely to have been donated to church out of gratitude, similar to the donation of hair and clothes to religious institutions prevalent in many cultures.

See, not so creepy after all! Unless Unikel is wrong!

Jesus Christ Head X-Ray

Jesus Christ Head X-Ray

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