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Strange Indiana Monsters by Michael NewtonStrange Indiana Monsters
By Michael Newton
Publisher: Schiffer Books (October 2006)
Pages: 283 – Price: $16.95 review

This is an entertaining look at monsters in the state of Indiana. It covers exotic reptiles and fish oftentimes overlooked, strange animals that refuse to disappear including panthers, lake and swamp monsters, freshwater cephalopods, devil monkeys, phantom kangaroos, a forty foot dragon, bigfoot, merbeings, lizard men, giant birds, among others.

Those interested in the stuff of which nightmares are made will find this book an exciting adventure. Michael Newton writes well, and his descriptions are accurate recordings of what is on record as having been witnessed.

This book is about cryptozoology, which is the study of hidden animals unrecognized by contemporary science. The book contains ten chapters, with concluding endnotes and sources. The illustrations and photographs accompany a well-written text.

Among the many interesting chapters are “Phantom Cougars,” “Lake Monsters,” and “Bigfoot.” For enjoyable reading, this book will have special appeal for many readers with paranormal and supernatural interests. Michael Newton is a well-respected author in the area about which he writes, and this is one of his finest books.

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