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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: December 2006

NOTE TO SENSITIVE VIEWERS: This video clip contains footage of an exotic dancer in a studio filming a lesson. Though the dancer is fully-clothed (and remains so throughout the clip), this footage may not be suitable for all viewers.
Click on image to see video – 206 KB.
Ghost Video

This video was shot in an exotic dance studio in Massachusetts. This is one of dozens of clips filmed by the instructor in the video. Around the center of the screen an object twirls in, then disappears at the base of the pole. This object was not seen with the naked eye and the camera was not set to night-shot mode.

In addition to capturing many video anomalies, witnesses have also reported hearing footsteps and voices coming up the stairs, and on a few occasions, objects have moved on their own.

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