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Ouija Board by Frank Grace
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Witness: Reese Neal
Location: Rural Texas
Date of Encounter: March 7, 2015

One day me and two of my friends went over to my neighbor’s house. We are in our mid-teens, and are all firm believers in spirits. We’ve always felt and noticed a relatively friendly presence in this neighbor’s home. The neighbor, named Marie, had a Ouija board, and we decided to try and contact the spirit in her house. Keep in mind we were very respectful, none of us were joking, we all believed, and we researched for around an hour and followed every rule we came upon. I was the one doing most of the talking.

We ended up getting no response, but we closed as you would if a spirit had communicated. The night went on as usual. Here’s where our encounter happens: Two days later I was sleeping, and my dad woke me up for school. My phone was against my face and open on my notes page. The notes in all capitals read: ANNABETH ALYAK SKYLAR MARIE. I was scared. I don’t sleep walk or write, etc. ever, and these were the names of everybody participating in the Ouija that night, minus me, and also Kayla was spelled backward-ALYAK. ANNABETH has no explanation, but we’ve always said the spirit in Marie’s houses name starts with an ‘A,’ so we sense it’s the spirit’s name. No one can come up with an explanation. my phone would have autocorrected alyak unless it was typed in manually. Now whenever we are all together at night strange things happen. Like very strange things.

Any assistance or explanation would help. we have so many unanswered questions. Why was kayla spelled backwards? How do we make the strange things that happen when we’re together stop? Please help!

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