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Home Encounters Strange Bedroom Poltergeist

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Gerald Klinck
Location: Buffalo, New York
Date of Encounter: December 10, 1966

My wife and I were awakened one wintry morning by loud rattling. The 16-inch world globe that I had sitting on the dresser was literally jumping around in place. There was no vibration in the room, no visible cause and continued for about 15-20 seconds. While at work, later that day, our coworkers suggested it may be a poltergeist. After dinner that evening, we lay together on the bedroom floor, looking up Poltergeist in the encyclopedia. As we were reading about them, we heard a rattling from the living room. The large potted poinsettia sitting on a bookcase was jumping around pot and all, like the globe had been. There was no vibration, no breeze, no possible cause, and it lasted for, again, 15-20 seconds, then just stopped. We stayed there for another year and a half with no more incidents. We later found out that the landlords wife (they were quite elderly) had passed away in the room which was now our bedroom.

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