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Witness: Heather Files
Location: Winter Haven, Florida
Date of Encounter: November 2007

When I was 20 years old I moved to Haines City, with my boyfriend at the time. I was working in Winter Haven at a furniture and home decor store. Every Tuesday and Thursday, myself and my assistant manager used to show up at the store at 6 AM to unload a shipment off of a 40-foot truck. That morning I picked my assistant manager up and headed out to the store. We walked in the front doors and locked them behind us. He and I were the only two people in the store. As we walked in he told me that he was going to the bathroom to change. The bathrooms are located in the far-back corner of the store and I watched him walk into the hall where they are at. I walked into the stock room to get ready to unload a truck. I was alone in the stock room and all the doors in the store were locked. We were completely alone. I set my stuff down and grabbed a box and started to take the contents out of it. As I was doing this I looked up and saw a shadow figure standing behind some boxes that were stacked waist-high. It was just like a cardboard cut-out of a person, but they were completely black. It didn't move its head or anything, it just stood there looking straight forward. But I had the feeling that it was looking around to see if the coast was clear.

I was looking at this thing for about five minutes. Then, all of a sudden I had the feeling it was looking at me and realized that I knew it was there. That's when it ducked back behind the box as if it was hiding. I ran to look behind the box and there was nothing there. I checked the whole stock room and I even went back to the bathrooms to see if my assistant manager was still there. I thought it was someone messing with me. When I went back to the restrooms and my assistant manager came out and asked me what was wrong, I told him what happened and he looked stunned. He said that I was the first person to actually meet the "Stock Room Ghost" face-to-face. Apparently everyone who worked there knew something like that was in the store. They were all experiencing little things, but I was the first person to come face-to-face with it. I love having experiences like this, and that, among other experiences I've had helped me found my paranormal group in Central Florida.

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