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Witness: Charlotte Jackson
Location: England
Date of Encounter: 2006

Me and my sister were sleeping in the same bedroom and my sister looked shocked. I asked her, "What's the matter, Emily?" She said, "I think I've just seen Nana!"

"What which Nana?" I questioned.

"Our dead Nana," she replied in shock.

I thought… in ghost form?

A couple of weeks later I saw her too — a glance of her. I said to my sister shivering but smiling at the same time, "I've seen her too." My sister knew who I meant. That morning we both straight away told our mum… she believed us. We both described her clothes, hair, and where she stood. "She had a flowery dress, brown curly hair, and was standing at the end of Emily's bed!" I explained to my mum. My sister's eyes widened. She exclaimed, "That's what I saw too!"

Since then we know she's there for us. We had moved houses, it was Christmas Eve, and our step brother was there. He slept on the floor in the middle of mine and Emily's bed. Our Nan was there… we all started shivering. I said to Emily, "Does your hand feel as if it's being squeezed?" Straight away she replied, "Yeah!" Our hands were being held tight by our Nan… but she was standing through Jordan (our step brother). We felt her let go half an hour later.

I was four years-old when she died of cancer on Christmas Day.

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