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Witness: Estelle Baptiste
Location: London, England
Date of Encounter: September 2001

When I was born, my mother, father, brother and I used to live in an apartment type flat. Next door to us was an elderly woman named Mary who was really close to my mother and brother, but seemed to avoid myself and my dad.

When I was 3, we moved to a bigger house a few roads away, and my mother always went to visit her without fail. However, in August Mary had a heart attack and died later on in the hospital, the day my mother went on holiday.

My mum didn't know anything until she came home in September, but she was too tired to attend Mary's funeral. That night however, whilst watching a film, my family and I heard the sound of a key being pushed into the lock and being turned.

We got kind of freaked out because we were all at home and nobody had keys except my mum and dad, so curiously we all crept onto the landing to see who was coming up the stairs.

What totally creeped us out was the figure was not coming up the stairs (which they should of been because the door is at the bottom) but this figure was going down, her feet not touching the floor. The woman was going down the stairs backwards and was wearing a long, floaty wedding dress- the veil covering her entire face.

At this point, my mother and brother went hysterical because the figure had turned to face them. When my dad switched the light on, the figure disappeared, but in a recent conversation my mother found out that Mary was cremated in her wedding dress.

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