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Witness: Greg
Location: Chepachet, Rhode Island
Date of Encounter: November 2004

Click on image to see video – 213 KB.
Ghost Video

My name is Greg and I'm a ghost hunter. I've been ghost hunting for a few years and I'm the leader of a group called Rhode Island Paranormal and Phenomenal Entity Researchers (RIPPER). The video of the Stage Coach Tavern was taken almost two years ago around 6:00. I was out of the room at that time. I've investigated the Stage Coach many times. It holds many different spirits. The owner reported once seeing a boy running into the ladies bathroom and then disappearing. Another spirit is that of a woman sitting in the last booth in the back of the room. In the video you first see a shadow floating by one of the pictures. Then a figure of possibly a woman walking by all the way to the left of the room appears and walks toward a sealed door. A shadow follows it a few seconds after. The shades were closed so no car lights could've created this. And even if it did, car lights don't create that type of shadow.

Orbs in the Stage Coach Tavern bathroom.

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