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Witness: Exequiel Chavez
Location: Long Beach, California
Date of Encounter: 1991

Coming from a religious, Asian, and straight family, I was very skeptical about ghosts until one paranormal incident changed all that, and up until to this day I cannot forget about it, although it no longer haunts me. It happened in 1991, at our apartment in Long Beach, California. Our unit is at the very end of the corridor on the second floor, with a total of two units on our hallway, which are the manager's unit and ours. My mother and I were watching TV one night in our living room, if I recall correctly sometime around 11 PM, and I was sitting up almost immediately next to the front door. We suddenly heard a loud banging on our front door. I looked at the peephole, but saw no one. I was hesitant to open the door, because who would knock at your front door at 11 PM, unless it was desperate relatives or some sicko. Anyway, I did carefully open the door out of curiosity, but I found an empty space in our corridor. My mom who became irate, asked who it was. I closed and locked the door and took a baseball bat in my right hand. This time I kept my eye on the peephole thinking the sicko would knock again, and I would be waiting for him. I waited for a minute… and not long after, I felt and heard the loud knocking on our door. The knocking was so forceful that my face which was against the door felt every knock. I immediately opened the door, but again found no one there… so I rushed down the hallway all the way down the downstairs to the street to catch anyone I saw running. But I didn't see anyone at all and not even any signs of presence.

After this experience, my mother called it a night and went to bed.

The next morning, I did some investigation. I questioned our three neighbors (who all were our friends) from downstairs and none of them came out to our apartment last night. I waited for our next door neighbor, who is our apartment manager and co-member of our church, to arrive home so I can report to her about the last night's incidence. Not long after, she came over to our unit and delivered some terrible news. She stated if I recall verbatim, "By the way, I just wanted to let you guys know that I received a call from the head office that the owner of this apartment building had died last night at approximately 11 PM of a heart attack." She already had a bad feeling that there was something terribly wrong last night because her toilet kept flushing by itself. She had a feeling that the old grumpy owner died in grief not wanting to let go of his old apartment building which was his pride and only property left on his name. So it must have been him who walked the corridors of his apartment that night, still in denial or not knowing that he is already dead. 

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