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Witness: Beto
Location: Tustin, California
Date of Encounter: 1989

While going to Mortuary College, I had a job as an apprentice Embalmer/Funeral Director and part of my pay was an apartment over the embalming room.

There were two entrances to the apartment, one from outside and one inside. My job included sitting through visitations and locking up afterwards and answering the phones all night.

One night I was asleep and was awoken by footsteps inside the mortuary. As we had had a break in before (drug addicts stole embalming fluid to dip marijuana in to get high), I armed myself with a machete that I used to cut bushes. I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. When it sounded like they reached the top, I threw the door open and was ready to chop up the burgler! But no one was there!

I searched the building and went back to bed but not asleep. An hour later I heard a scratching sound from inside the apartment, like a cat who wanted to go out. I looked around and saw nothing. A few weeks later I had closed up and was walking past a visitation room and out of the corner of my eye saw an old woman sitting in a chair. It took me a moment to realize what I saw and went back to the room and no one was there. I told an older lady whom I worked with about it and she told me once she saw a green colored smoke coming from under one of the door. The strange thing she said, was it took a form that looked like the shape of a man. She believed me.

A month later, she called me at work afterhours to ask a favor. We had an old phone system where you could pick up a line from anywhere in the funeral home and listen in on.As she was talking, a low and long moan came over the phone like someone picked up the line and made the noise. She shouted, “Get out of there now!”

I couldn’t as I was the only one there. Needless to say I found an apartment fast and moved out after that, not only because of the ghosts, but also because I never got a day off living at work!

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