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Witness: Liam
Location: Birmingham, England
Date of Encounter: August 2-5, 2011

On 11th December, my family moved to a larger new home not far from our old house. The night that I first came to see our new home, I had feeling of somebody being there. It made me feel uneasy.

Recently on June 29th 2011, my Grandad passed due to cancer after living with us for several months. Stange things started to happen.

I have always been sensitive to spirits. I think my family is, as well. (My mom once dreamt she was in somebody's house, and vividly recalled the scenery around the place. She brought the dream to the attention of her mother and the later found out the home in the dream was an exact match of a passed family member's home.) So this is why I believe that when I have a lucid dream, or sleepwalk, it is my spiritual sensitivity — an out of body experience — or like someone is with me.

Anyway, since my Grandad's death, strange things have begun to occur.

One: A sound like muffled music or a chair being pulled across a floor keeps coming from the attic.

Two: I came out of my room to get a drink at night. A shadow slowly slithered above my mother's bedroom door.

Three: At night I always feel like I'm not alone and that someone not too nice is after me. I feel a dread feeling.

Four: The other day I kept on hearing a whispering sound from the hallway. I kept listening and suddenly it sounded as though someone exhaled loudly in front of mee. It scared me me alot! Ten minutes later, a door in the house closed even though me and my brother were in the living room alone.

Five: I sometimes get moths in my bedroom when the windows are open, but this time the windows were closed and the light was on. It is under these conditions that I sometimes see a black or white "ball" pass in the corner of my eye. It is the size of a marble.

Six: Finally, I keep on feeling as though somebody is pressing down on my feet in the bed, and sometimes it just wraps its hands around my legs.

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