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Witness: Ryan
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date of Encounter: Summer 2010

This happened at night. Me and my friend's boyfriend were just sitting and talking we then started to hear footsteps upstairs. We decided to use the digital recorder up there. So we walked upstairs and went to the room where heard walking shuffling.

We put the recorder on one of her cupboards for about ten minutes and left. We then decided to go up and listen and see what we caught.

Believe it or not, we captured whispering and noises that weren't our own so then we thought to put it in the room were my friend sleeps.

The lights were off during all of this. We had our flashlights and all of a sudden, I pointed the beam into the front room. I saw a grayish full-bodied figure starting to crawl towards me. I got frightened and ran downstairs. I have no idea what this was.

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