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Witness: Amanda
Location: Brunswick, New York
Date of Encounter: October 30, 2002

Forest Park Cemetery was the place. I will never forget it. There has been much said about this spooky, forgotten grave yard. Many stories that don't make any real sense. On a dare by my classmates I went there with my friends and sister (after religion class no less)! I figured that no spirit would bother me after religion.

When we got there it was desolate, and the only thing we heard were the dry leaves rustling along the grass and weeds — it was a very windy day. Things are quite over grown there. As we made around the iron gate we started to walk towards the mausoleum. Through the overgrown brush, my friend Marisa fell and cut her knee on some broken glass — it must have been from a previous party no doubt.

As we approached we noticed that the wind had stopped completely and it was very quiet — that scared my sister, Toni. She was saying that we must have walked through a time gate and into another world or something. She was saying things like, "We can't get back now unless we find the time gate." I yelled to her to shut up and said to her she must stop staying up late watching those freak shows. I had to practically drag her along.

With the exception of our constant bickering, we heard nothing until a faint whaling that Marisa picked up on. I said it was a cat or something and the other two were telling me that it was the sound of a baby's cry that everyone told us about. As we came up to the building we noticed torn clothing scattered about. I picked up a dirty red tee shirt and it had four tears along its back. I said, "Holy cow, maybe someone was recently murdered here and we would be the ones to find the body!" By this time the two others were shaking in their shoes.

We walked around the building and noticed some new sneakers on the ground. As I picked one of them up and began to jokingly say that it must have been form the last person that was here, and that she must have been so scared she bolted out of here so fast that her sneaks fell off, I noticed some hair stuck to the corner of the buildings stone.

We all went over to take a look and it was someone's hair and parts of the roots were there too. All of a sudden the wind picked up real strong and a white sheet floated into the air and spun around in a devil spiral. It almost looked like a ghost. That was the end of my joking and we got out of there quick!

There were just too many coincidences that day for me to not look back and say it was nothing. I want to go back but no one will go with me. I am looking to get a crew of at least seven people that will go from midnight to 4 in the morning on Halloween night. Any takers you can get a hold of me at

We will need camping gear, cameras, video equipment, and anything else we should bring to try to prove that the supernatural exists over at Forest Park. I was never a believer of this spook stuff until I walked through that cemetery. I dare anyone who wants a thrill to go there at night with only one other person as a witness.

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