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Witness: Jennifer
Location: McCalla, Alabama
Date of Encounter: October 20, 2003

Last week, shortly after hanging a "kitchen angel" in the kitchen, I was sitting at the computer and heard a little voice call out "Help me, mommy!" I went down the hall to the room my two daughters occupy, but my two-year-old was fast asleep and my five-year-old was at school. Neither child calls me 'mommy.' They will call me mama or mom.

I dismissed the event to my two-year-old crying out in her sleep. As a turned to walk back down the hall, I felt a cool breeze brush against my left thigh — I dismissed it to a draft. I came back to the computer and I heard it again a little louder this time, "Help me, mommy!" I ran down the hall and my two-year-old was still fast asleep. As soon as I turned to walk down the hall, I heard a knock at the door. I live on a dead end road, so I do not just open my door. I called out and asked who is it. No answer. I asked again who it was and cracked the door. No one was there. My five-year-old said she saw someone in their room the night before, but it was a little girl and she was not afraid, so, she just told "it" that it was night-night time and she needed to go to bed. The little girl just floated away. I remember when I was pregnant with her, she was a twin. I lost her twin to miscarriage at five months. Is it her? Is it one of the other children I lost to miscarriage? Who knows.

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