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Spirit of the Witch: Religion & Spirituality in Contemporary WitchcraftSpirit of the Witch: Religion & Spirituality in Contemporary Witchcraft
By Raven Grimassi
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (October 2003)
Pages: 288 – Price: $12.95 review

What better moment than the season of Halloween to read the newly published Spirit of the Witch by award-winning author and Witch, Raven Grimassi. The book gives an honest, straight-forward approach to what Witchcraft is.

Essentially, this well-written book is about religion and spirituality in contemporary Witchcraft. An informative introduction is followed by 12 detailed chapters which cover different aspects of Witchcraft.

Chapter 1 covers the old ways followed by chapters on in search of a Witch, Witchcraft as a religion (this chapter should be of great interest to readers of the paranormal), becoming a Witch, the Witch in moonlight and the Witch in daylight, the tools of Witchcraft, analysis as to what is the magical craft, the three great mysteries, an in-depth and sensitive look at deities and spirits (another chapter of great interest to readers of the paranormal), rituals, and some parting words by the author.

Appendix 1 contains information on training exercises, appendix 2 covers construction of the Witches’ altars, and appendix three covers suggested course reading which shares invaluable information. A helpful glossary, bibliography, and index conclude the book.

Raven Grimassi has written many works over the past thirty years, including such books as Beltane, Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft, the popular Wiccan Mysteries, among others. He writes in a clear style, and his writings are always enjoyable as well as educational. Grimassi is co-owner of Raven’s Loft, an Internet store which specializes in Witchcraft items, located at His former students include Scott Cunningham and Donald Michael Kraig.

Spirit of the Witch also concerns the Witch’s abilities to call forth spirits, to bless and consecrate, and to understand the voice of the wind as a dedicated steward of nature. In a sense, the Witch can be viewed as a keeper of the doorway between worlds.

Highly recommended reading for those interested in the paranormal and supernatural, and Witchcraft as a personal religion, Spirit of the Witch takes its rightful place as a sound guide and reference for those who wish to understand the secret life of a Witch. Of special interest is the author’s logical approach to the literary, cultural, anthropological, sociological, and historical roots of Witchcraft, and this compact, detail information is worth its weight in gold to have together in one book.

Raven Grimassi, who lives in California, is to be congratulated on an accurate, honest explanation of Witchcraft in contemporary times. A modern classic of Witchcraft, this book is sure to be a popular guide and reading experience.

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